We are a global business designed for a new era in agricultural chemicals. Our goal is to create competitive advantage for your business by providing new and better solutions, products and services. We aim to be lean, flexible and keep a close eye on the changing demands of the modern agricultural business.


We believe a better tomorrow begins today. That applies to not just food production but the way we treat people. At Fertiagro, we maintain healthy and positive working conditions that are safe for our employees, customers and the environment through regular safety checks and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance ratings.

Smarter Economies

Today's economy requires businesses to be lean and agile. We understand this because we're businessmen too. We aim to provide the best product at the fairest price possible without compromising on quality and safety through our state-of-the-art production capabilities and distribution network.


We're passionate about our food supply, that's why we started this business. That same passion drives us to provide the research, development and delivery of revolutionary agricultural products that address specific needs in the global farmyard.

"think global 
adopt local"

Managing Director & Founder, Fertiagro Group

With over 25 years experience in the agrochemical industry, Benson founded Fertiagro Group in 1999 on the firm belief in providing better agricultural solutions at fairer prices. His strong business acumen and innovative thinking in leveraging global markets while adopting local know-how has allowed Fertiagro to grow from a sole distributor to one of the fastest growing agrochemical companies in Asia. Benson's hands-on leadership style means he is actively involved in the Group’s key functions - from Revenue Planning, Corporate Strategy, Business Development to Human Resource. A meticulous and conscientious leader, he is able to deliver profitable solutions through his strong customer insights, sales drive and deep market knowledge.

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